METS Tech Talk: A Zero Impact Future

Austmine’s final webinar in our Harnessing Intelligence Tech Talk series will focus on Optimising Connectivity. This takes place on Thursday 18th May, 12:30 – 1:15pm AEST.

For mining, bigger is not always better, and we must collectively work throughout the value chain to shrink our footprint and embrace the opportunities that will deliver a zero impact future.

The smart mine is the foundation for a sustainable future, with technology leveraged to identify orebodies, separate value from waste, reduce disturbance to communities and power operations from renewable sources.

This webinar will showcase METS solutions that are working towards the zero impact mine of the future.

Tech Talk Presentations 

Harnessing Instrumentation for a Zero Impact Future
Taylor McKertich, Industry Manager, Mining, Oil & Gas, Endress+Hauser
Lowering ore grades, coupled with the requirement for mining operations to be sustainable means that the end-to-end mine process must be as efficient as possible. Utilising smart instrumentation in mining is critical to achieve maximum possible yield and throughput. This presentation will showcase some of the latest examples of how mining operators are benefiting from the convergence of IT and OT with field devices in order to create a smart mine.

Water Reuse from Waste
Hensley Wee, Business Development Manager, JWA Oilfield Supplies
The biggest issue for mining and resources is meeting ESG drivers and regulations while remaining increasingly profitable and reputable. 'Flamingo' is a solar distillation system that recovers pure water and other value commodities, bringing into fruition the possibility for entire zero impact solutions that create profit; across every facet, from greenfields to post closure. 

Extracting Value from Mine Waste
Alison Price, Managing Director, Soil Cyclers
The Circular Mine is a partnership of Australian and European businesses.  Together, we are making Zero Mine Waste a Reality. There is more than 55.7 billion cubic metres of tailings stored worldwide.  We can extract value from mine waste profitability and achieve world class environmental outcomes.

Weather Forecasting and Advanced Modelling-Enabled Operational Management Systems
Dr. Francoise Robe, Strategic Director, RWDI
This presentation will showcase how weather forecasting and advanced modelling-based operational management systems are used in the mining industry to reduce environmental impacts. From weather and dust forecasting for targeted mitigation at open pit mines, to mixing height forecasting to avoid mining blast noise and fumigation from tall stacks at smelters, and inverse dispersion modelling to quantify fugitive methane emissions at coal mines.

Removing PFAS from Water
Paul Callaghan, Director, OLEOLOGY
OLEOLOGY’s expertise in water treatment systems offers advanced solutions to recycle and decontaminate water quicker, simpler, and more cost-effective. OLEOLOGY’s mission is to engineer oil-free water; from this core value, OLEOLOGY has developed an economical, robust & straightforward method to remove PFAS from water. Smallest footprint (1/20th of conventional systems), low capital, removes all analytes and, critically, thermally incinerated waste to generate a zero waste solution for any industry.

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